Single Piece Bow Spring Centralizer
Single Piece Bow Spring Centralizer
  • Process:Stamping and Welding
  • Powder or Paint Baking Coating
  • Higher Restoring Force
  • Lower Starting Force
  • Time-Saving and Cost-Effective
  • It is single piece centralizer.
  • This kinds of centralizer is with higher strength than traditional bow spring centralizers.
  • Our single piece centralizer performance is obviously better than any casing centralizers like bow spring centralizer and solid centralizer for casing running applications.
  • Our single piece centralizers have exceptional restoring force by pressional downhole tool lab.
  • At the same time,our spring bow of single piece centralizer can bear pressure repeatly.We use two kinds of coating technology,one is powder coating,other is paint baking,thes two is completed by high temperature,it makes the centralizer have btter ability to risist corrison.
  • Our single piece centralizer sizes are available from 4-1/2 inch to 20 inch,OEM manufacturing is accepted..
  • In order to cut down transportation cost,we¬†usually put the smaller size centralizer into bigger ones