Custom Manufacturing of Castings,Forgings and Machined Parts:

Custom Castings

Gete can offer many shape and weight options using shell molding casting, investment casting and die casting processes. We can also provide surface treatments in painting, powder coating and galvanizing.

Custom Forgings

Gete can provide you a quality product with no porosity,shrinkage or cavities using hammer forging,hot die forging processes. We can also  provide finished treatments in machining.

Custom Machined Parts

Gete can supply turning,milling, drilling, tapping, and grinding machining to meet your exact specifications.

Custom Manufacturing Industries:


ZY Foundry

A quality foundry with process of shell mold casting ,which is advantaged in precast concrete accessories,pole line hardware, pump body, pipe fittings and so on.The main available material is gray iron,ductile iron and carbon steel.This factory has complete inspection equipment, including Spectrum Analyzer, Tension Machine, Hardness Machine, Microscope.

TR Forging Factory

A quality forging factory, mainly produces automotive and railway forged-parts. This factory has a full range of forging equipment, heat treatment equipment, precision machining equipment and testing equipment.

SD Foundry

A large factory,the lost foam casting and the vacuum casting are the main manufacturing method of this factory. Lost foam casting has advantaged in complex shapes casting, and vacuum casting has advantaged in larger castings. Main products:drainage system, agricultural machinery parts,counter weight and so on.Laboratory Equipment:Microscope, Hardness Machine, Tensile Strength Machine, Chemical Analysis.

TY Stamping Factory

This is a dynamic and potential factory, all the management are young man born in the 1980s. Main products:centralizer used in drilling,pole line hardware used in pole line utilities.

RT Foundry

A quality factory with the manufacturing method of lost wax casting, available material is stainless steel. This factory has its own precision machining shop with CNC lathe and CNC machining center. This factory has complete inspection equipment, including spectrum analyzer, tension machine, hardness machine, microscope.

GD Foundry

A aluminum-casting factory with reliable quality and reasonable price, the production methods are die-casting and shell-mold casting. This factory have rich experience in the field of die-casting, all the products are exported in Europe,the United States and so on. They also have complete laboratory equipment for quality, such as Spectrum Analyzer, Hardness machine, Tension machine, Microscope.

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