Hebei Gete Metal

Customized manufacturing of castings, forgings, stampings and machined parts.

Manufacturing Methods

Customized manufacturing of castings, forings, stampings and machined parts.

Customized Castings

Gete can offer many shape and weight options using shell molding casting, investment casting and die casting processes.We can also provide surface treatments in painting, powder coating and galvanizing.

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Customized Forgings

Gete can provide you a quality product with no porosity, shrinkage or cavities using hammer forging, hot die forging processes. We can also provide finished treatments in machining. 

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Customized Stampings

Gete can offer precision stamped products with reduced manufacturing cost, consistent finish and thickness, and shorter lead time. 

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Customized Machining

Gete can supply precision machined parts with CNC machines, such as turning, milling, drilling, tapping, and grinding machining to meet your exact specifications.

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Products & Industries

Main industries: pole line utilities, construction, drilling, agriculture and so on.

Pole Line Utilities

Pole Top Bracket
Pole Eye Plate
Guy Hook
Thimble Eye Nut
Adjustable Spacer Fittings


Formwork Accessories
Ornamental Castings
Rebar Brace
Wall/Foot Plate
Wedge Socket
Pipe Roller


Spring Centralizer
Stop Collar
Hammer Union
Drlling Pipe


Weight Plate
Wheel Hub
Trailer Equalizer
Gray Iron Castings


Wheel Hub
Brake Drum
Truck Trailer Equalizer


Cast Railway Parts
Forge Railway Parts


Water Supply&Drain

Drainage Parts
Irrigation Parts
Valve Body
Pump Body

Our Factories

We have many quality factories which are carefully selected by us from different factories.We often call on these factories,and then we always sit down and chat with the factory manager,chatting about life,work, family, business and anything else we can think of. We respect our factories very much, just like we treat our customers,so we gained the trust and support from these factories.They often said to us: “My factory is your factory,you are the representative of my factory.” We are very honored to have so many factories supporting us.Owing to the support and trust of our factories,we can meet all the different needs of customers with high quality and competitive prices. 


Shell-mold casting

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Shell-mold casting
Water glass casting

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Sand casting
Shell-mold casting

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Lost-wax casting

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Die casting
Shell-mold casting

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Lost-foam casting
Vaccum casting

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Machining Plant

Professional Machining Plant

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Hot die forging
Open forging

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Why Choose Us

We Promise to constantly exceed our customers’ expectations in quality, delivery and service!


Quality is as important as our life. To make our products reliable, we have employed professional engineers and introduced a series of quality control system. It is important that we has complete inspection equipment, including spectrum analyzer, tensile strength machine, hardness machine, microscope and so on.


We have our own factories and we are also the representative of many others factories. Our team have been in the field many years, so we have rich experience. At the same time, we constantly update our equipment to improve work efficiency so that we can offer the best price as well as reliable products for you.


We have introduced the environmental protection equipment to reduce the pollution of the environment, and we upgrade the equipment to reduce the worker’s work intensity.Our commitment to the environment and society that gives us the support and approval from the government, so we can guarantee the continuity of production and make delivery in time.


China sourcing,
Product Aided Design,
Product Development,
Product Manufacturing,
Component Assembly,
Quality Control,
Custom Packing,
Customer Service.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help you.

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Gete Metal, a trusted metal supplier working with customers to develop superior custom manufactured parts for a wide variety of industries and applications. Our mission is to provide quality products on time at competitive prices. Do you have questions for us? We’d love to hear them! Please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.